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Stop Smiling Magazine’s Tribute To Hunter S. Thompson


Stop Smiling. The Magazine For High-Minded Lowlifes. Issue 22 is a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson. I think this tribute is far better then the Rolling Stone issue 970 effort. Stop Smiling did over 40 pages dedicated to HST, with a great centerfold of Ralph Steadman art, including Steadman’s classic Dr Gonzo and numerous pictures of The Good Doctor. Also are stories of some of the great pranks he pulled over the years.

It includes interviews and comments from Douglas Brinkley, Bob Braudis, Anita Thompson, David Felton ( an editor with some background work on Fear and Loathing in las Vegas) P.J. O’ Rourke (worked for Rolling Stone,) Craig Vetter (staff writer at Playboy,) John A. Walsh (formerly of Rolling Stone, now ESPN,) David Rosenthal ( Rolling Stone, Random House, Simon & Shuster,) Tom Benton (Creator of the Gonzo Logo and HST Sheriff poster,) Joe Petro, Ralph Steadman, and Wayne Ewing. With great pictures, copies of faxes he sent to Keith Richards, James Carville and Ed Bradley.

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One comment on “Stop Smiling Magazine’s Tribute To Hunter S. Thompson

  1. Marie
    August 10, 2008

    I agree – this edition of Stop Smiling is one of my most treasured possessions. It is just full to the brim of fabulous stuff!

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