This was one of my prized possessions. It’s a 1st edition, 1st print of Fear and Loathing In America. Starting from the top of the page (photo below) the signatures are…  Douglas Brinkley (The Editor), Hal Haddon, Ralph Steadman, Anita Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson, Former Senator Gary Hart, George Stranahan, Juan Thompson, and Former Senator George McGovern (With the inscription “Who Loved Hunter”)  

 A bit of trivia.

 Douglas Brinkley was a good friend of Thompson’s and the editor of this book, The Proud Highway and the upcoming Mutineer, Rants, Ravings and Missives. He is also the authorized biographer of Jack Kerouac and has written profiles of Kurt Vonnegut and Ken Kesey for Rolling Stone magazine.

 George McGovern was one of the politicians that Thompson focused on in Fear and Loathing Campaign Trail 72. Gary Hart was George McGovern’s campaign manager for the same campaign. Gary Hart also tried his hand in running for president in 1984, but lost the nomination to Walter Mondale, Hal Haddon was Hart’s campaign manager for that attempt.

 George Stranahan  was a long time friend of Thompson and founder of Flying Dog Brewery. Hunter introduced Stranahan to Ralph Steadman who now does all the art work for the Flying Dog labels.


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  1. I will gladly take this off your hands. How bout we make a trade? I’ll trade you Octavio’s soul for this book. He won’t miss it he sold it to me for a bottle of mescal and a ticket I had to a donkey show in TJ…..

  2. I’ll have to think about that, tempting as it sounds.

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