September 10, 2022

We’re Back

After steppin’ out of the game, we the good people at HSTBooks, have decided to step back in again. Sounds like a nightmarish version of Lanigan’s Ball doesn’t it?

There will be a few changes to our mission. We all read people of this ilk to find in them some of ourselves dont we? As Hunter, Kerouac, Bukowski Et al, are so much more than what is presented to their people (us the reader,) we will attempt to bring a philosophical, spiritual, therapeutic element to the proceedings here. Naturally there will be the usual brilliance we have always provided here, so fear not.

I’ll elaborate in a few days on the whys and wherefores. Until then… keep going.

About Marty

A long time fan of Hunter S. Thompson and long time book collector. Gentleman and a scholar. A pillar of society. A fine judge of wine and everything that ennobles the human struggle.


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