No copyright infringement is ever intended. Picture copyright is owned by the respective photographers. HST Books claims no copyright ownership of the images on this site and all credit is given to the photographer when known. Images requested to be removed for legal reasons, will be deleted from this site within 24 hours whenever possible. If there are any problems with the images used here, such as you think they belong to you, or you are unhappy with their usage please contact HST Books. Please alert us to any legal problems BEFORE taking action. We will co-operate with you.

Please keep in mind that this is a non profit resource, bibliography and related site. The only purpose HST Books has is to promote Hunter S. Thompson’s work and educate when possible. HST Books does not intend to cause any (legal) problems for any parties, we have only good intentions and everything we use, is used because we think it might be good promotion/advertising for all involved parties.

If you feel HST Books has used material, acted in or behaved in an unacceptable way, please alert HST Books to any legal problems BEFORE taking action. We will co-operate with you.

HST Books has no connection with Hunter S. Thompson or his family. Please do not contact us thinking we have any dealings with the estate of Hunter S. Thompson, because we do not, and we can’t forward your email to his management, agent or publicist.

We also do not represent Hunter S. Thompson and because we love his work and respect him we do not intend to misrepresent Hunter S. Thompson. In case you believe we’re misrepresenting him, please let us know what you’re not satisfied about and we’ll fully co-operate to make sure no parties will be damaged or harmed. Please alert us to any legal problems and give us a chance to solve any legal problem BEFORE taking legal action.

If you have any questions about this Policy or our web site, please feel free to contact our webmaster.

Thank you.

Martin Flynn

HST Books

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