“Screwjack” is three-story piece that, in Thompson’s own words ‘build like Bolero to a faster & wilder climax that will drag the reader relentlessly up a hill, & then drop him off a cliff. That is the desired effect.’ The three stories are “Mescalito” “Death of a Poet” and “Screwjack.”

Screwjack. Ⓒ 1991 Hunter S. Thompson.

(1991) Santa Barbara. Neville Publishing. Thompson’s first limited edition publication. 26 lettered & signed by Thompson, leather-bound without dust jacket.

(1991) Santa Barbara. Neville Publishing. 300 numbered copies. Hardcover with red, cloth boards. No dust jacket as issued. Signed by Thompson. Also floating around are socalled ‘presentation’ or ‘out-of-series’ copies which are signed but not numbered. I have no idea how many.

(1991) Santa Barbara. Neville Publishing. Unbound manuscript. Pamphlet type presentation with untrimmed edges. Three loose pieces inside a folded cover with Gonzo fist logo on cover. Possibly a publisher’s limited edition idea.

(2000) New York. Simon & Schuster. First trade printing. Hardcover with dust jacket.

(2005) Munich. Blumenbar-Verl. First German edition. Hardcover. No Dust jacket as issued. Translated by Karsten Kredel.

(2007) Buenos Aires. Emece Editores. Argentine edition titled ‘Mescalito’. Hardcover with dust jacket. Translated by Juan Forn.

(2008) Milan. Baldini Castoldi Dalai. First Italian edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Translated by Marco Rossari

(2010) London. Picador. Softcover. Small and thin copy in wraps.

(2010) Munich. Blumenbar-Verl. German edition. Hardcover. No dust jacket. Translated by Karsten Kredel.

Compilation, format & synopsis © Martin Flynn 2011