Songs of the Doomed

“Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream” The Gonzo Papers Volume 3 is a selection of some of Thompson’s best work. It includes some of his funniest articles and essays. Also includes excerpts from his unpublished novel “Prince Jellyfish.” For a collector there are some nice quirky editions.

Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream” The Gonzo Papers Volume 3 Ⓒ 1990 Hunter S. Thompson

(1990) New York. Summit Books. First edition. Hardcover with dust jacket.

(1990) New York. Summit Books. Trade paperback edition released at the same time as hardcover.

(1990) New York. Summit Books. Book Club Edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Virtually identical to first edition. easiest way to tell the difference is the lack of price on dust jacket and color of endpapers. Book club endpapers are white. First edition endpapers are grey.

(1990) Simon & Schuster Audio. First audio edition. Cassette. The beginning is read by Thompson but he seemed to get bored so Mike Rowe was drafted in to take over.

(1991) New York. Simon & Schuster. Softcover with image of Thompson with American flag draped on his shoulders.

(1991) London. Picador. First hardcover UK edition. An interesting point on the colophon page. It states “This paperback edition first published in Great Britain 1991” when it’s obviously a hardcover.

(1992) London Picador. UK softcover in wraps.

(1993) Japan. 講談社 Kodansha. Japanese paperback edition. Translated by Takahiko Soejima

(2000) New York. Simon & Schuster. First printing of 10th Anniversary edition. Softcover in wraps pictures Thompson with American Flag draped on his shoulders.

(2009) London. Picador. Included in the Gonzo papers anthology. Mass market paperback.

(2010) London. Picador. Mass market paperback.

(2011) Simon & Schuster eAudio. A remastered version of the 1990 edition. Available for download.

Compilation, format & synopsis © Martin Flynn 2012