Hell’s Angels Click here for more information.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Click for more information

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 72. Click for more information.

The Great Shark Hunt. Click for more information.

The Curse of Lono. Click for more information

Generation of Swine Click for Info.

Songs of the Doomed Click for Information

Screwjack. Click for Information

Better Than Sex Click for Information

The Proud Highway Click for Information

Mistah Leary He Dead. Published in 1997 by  X-Ray Books. A Hand Sewn, hand printed chap-book. 300 numbered copies plus 26  lettered copies. First published in Rolling Stone magazine as a letter to the editor. It is in issue 740 August 8th 1996

The Rum Diary Click for Information

Fear and Loathing in America Click for Information

X-Ray Number 8 published by Johnny Brewton of the X-Ray Book Co in 2001. There was 126 published, 100 signed and numbered and 26 signed and lettered. This one has a few contributers including a broadside from Hunter S. Thompson.

Kingdom of Fear. Click for information

Hey Rube Click for Information

Fire in the Nuts. Published by Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman, Joe Petro III and Walt Bartholomew . A total of 176 copies were made. 26 lettered copies in a box with a Ralph Steadman print, and 150 numbered copies.

Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson. Published by Penguin Books in 2005 as Pocket book 33. A small thin book that was published to celebrate Penguin’s 70th anniversary. It contains excerpts from Kingdom Of Fear.

Gonzo. A book of photographs with an introduction by Johnny Depp. Published by Ammo Books in 2006. Firstly published in a limited edition of 3000