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I asked Joe Petro III if he could help me out with a  Ralph Steadman bibliography. My collection only has a fraction of Ralph Steadman’s work so I figured it would be best to get the information from someone who would know. Joe got back to me with this mini biography and full bibliography, it came  from Ralph himself so it is up to date. Ralph’s site is at http://www.ralphsteadman.com/ and Joe Petro’s site is at http://www.joepetro.com/ many thanks to Ralph and Joe for their help with this.


Ralph Steadman was born in 1936 and the world turned sour.
He has a healthy contempt for human kind according to his maxim that everyone is guilty of something but some are more guilty than others. In common with many others he believes that absolute freedom is a birthright.
For most of his working life he has strived in his cartoons to affect our ways in the world. In Scar Strangled Banger he states that 25 years ago he burned with a passion to change the world. He imagined that people were reasonable and would change with it. He believed that there were good people and he was certain that there were bad people who would change when they saw the error of their ways.
In his lifetime he hoped he would see peace, harmony, love and prosperity for all, a gentle tolerance of the diversity of opinion and generosity of spirit enough for all to flourish.
He thought that people believed in fair play and given an explanation would make allowances for another’s misdemeanours. He was sure we were through the bad bit and human suffering was a thing of the past, that we would build upon what we had learned and, with time, old sores would heal, old grudges would die and old policies would be revised and changed to accommodate the new enlightenment.
Now he is distraught but he will continue to believe for the sake of hope and our only hope.
He considers Nelson Mandela to be more than the figurehead for Black African freedom. Mandela is also the frail human being we all are, lest people forget and weigh too heavily upon his example for support.

Early years: Son of Lionel Raphael Steadman, a commercial traveller and Gwendoline Rogers. Five children. Lives in Kent.
Military service in Royal Air Force 1954-1956
Early career worked at odd jobs, including trainee manager at F.W. Woolworth, Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Apprentice aircraft engineer with De Havilland Aircraft Company, Broughton, Chester, Cheshire, 1952.
East Ham Technical College 1959-66 and London College of Printing and Graphic Arts 1961-65 (part-time).

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Written and Illustrated Childrens Books:
The Yellow Flowers. Written by Fiona Saint. Dobson. 1968.
The Little Red Computer. Dobson. Scroll Press. US1969.
Ralph Steadman’s Jelly Book. Dobson 1967. Scroll Press. US.1970.
Flowers for the Moon. Nord Sud Verlag. 1974.
Two Donkeys and the Bridge. Nord Sud Verlag. 1974.
That’s My Dad. Andersen Press. 1986.
No Room to Swing a Cat. Andersen Press. 1989.
Teddy Where are You? Andersen Press. 1994.
Little.Com. Andersen Press. 2000.

Written and Illustrated Books for Adults:
Still Life with Raspberry. Rapp and Whiting. 1969
Dogs Bodies. Abelard and Schuman. 1970.
America. Straight Arrow Books. 1974
Cherrywood Cannon. Paddington Press. 1978.
Sigmund Freud. Paddington Press. Aubier. France.1979.
Republished Flammarion. 2003. Firefly Books Toronto. 2001
No Good Dogs. Putnam. 1982
I Leonardo. Jonathan Cape. Aubier. France.1983
Between the Eyes. Jonathan Cape. 1984.
Treasure Island. Harrap. Harcourt Brace. US. 1985.
Paranoids. Harrap. 1986.
Scar Strangled Banger. Harrap. Harcourt Brace. US.1987.
The Big I Am. Jonathan Cape. Aubier. France. 1988.
Near the Bone. Arrow Books. 1990.
Tales of the Weirrd. Jonathan Cape. 1990.
The Grapes of Ralph. Ebury Press. Harcourt Brace.US. 1992.
Still Life with Bottle. Ebury Press. Harcourt Brace. US. 1994.
Jones of Colorado. Ebury Press. 1995.
The Book of Jones. Harcourt Brace. 1997.
Gonzo the Art. Weidenfeld and Nicholson. Harcourt Brace. US. 1998.
Mildenhall Treasure. Jonathan Cape. Knopf. US.1999.
Doodaaa – The balletic art of Gavin Twinge. Bloomsbury. 2002.
The Joke’s Over. Heinemann (UK), Harcourt (USA), 2006.

Illustrated Books for Chidren and Adults:
Love and Marriage by Daisy and Angela Ashford. Hart Davis. 1965.
Where Love Lies Deepest by Daisy Ashford. Hart Davis. 1966.
Die Falschen Flamingoes by Mischa Damjan. Nord Sud Verlag. 1967.
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Dobson. 1967
The Thoughts of Chairman Harold, compiled by Tariq Ali. Gnome Press. 1967.
The Little Prince and the Tiger Cat by Mischa Damjan. Nord Sud Verlag.1968.
The False Flamingoes by Mischa Damjan. C.N. Potter. 1970.
Born Under a Bad Sign by Tony Palmer. Kimber. 1970.
Midnite by Randolph Stow. Penguin. 1970.
Two Cats in America by Mischa Damjan. Longman Young books. 1970.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter Thompson. Pan Picador. Simon and Schuster. US. 1972.
Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. McGibbon and Kee. 1972.
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail by Hunter Thompson. Allison and Busby. 1975.
The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll. Studio Vista. 1975.
Emergency Mouse by Bernard Stone. Andersen Press. 1978.
Inspector Mouse by Bernard Stone. Andersen Press. 1980.
The Curse of Lono by Hunter Thompson. Simon and Schuster. US. Pan Picador. England.1981.
Treasure Island. Harrap. 1985.
Quasimodo Mouse by Bernard Stone. Andersen Press. 1985.
Animal Farm by George Orwell. Secker and Warburg.1995.
Heart on the Left. Poems by Adrian Mitchell. Bloodaxe. 1997
Who Killed Dylan Thomas? by Adrian Mitchell. Ty Lein Publications, City and County of Swansea, UK. 1998.
The Roald Dahl Treasury. Jonathan Cape. 1997.
The Devil’s Dictionary, Bloomsbury. 2003.

Re-published Books:
The Complete Alice and Hunting of the Snark. Jonathan Cape. 1986.
America. Fantagraphics Books. 1989
Sigmund Freud. Firefly Books. 1997.
Tales of the Weirrd. Firefly Books. 2002.

Limited Edition Books:
The Threshold by Ted Hughes. Steam Press. 1980.
Israel by Ralph Steadman and Alan Sillitoe. 1981.

Group and Indvidual Exhibitions:
Between the Eyes. Royal Festival Hall, London. 1984.
Alice and the Paranoids. Royal Festival Hall, London. 1986.
Visagen und Visionem. Wilhelm Busch Museum, Hanover, Germany. 1987.
The Big I Am. October Gallery, London. 1988.
Who?ME?No! Why?. Tricycle Theatre, London. 1989.
Red Alert. October Gallery, London. October. 1990.
19th Premio Satira Politica. Forte di Marmi, Italy. 1991.
Berlin. Wilhelm Busch Museum, Hanover, Germany. 1992.
The Cutting Edge. Barbican Art Gallery. 1992.
The Grapes of Ralph. Royal Festival Hall, London. 1992.
Print Exhibition. Galerie Kramer, Hamburg, Germany. 1993.
Acid and Ink. Peacock Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland. 1993.
More Acid and Ink. Aberdeen City Art Gallery, Scotland. 1994.
Writer and Leaders. 1/1 Gallery, Denver, USA. 1995.
National Eisteddfod of Wales. 1995.
13th International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the arts. Gabrovo, Bulgaria. 1997.
The Great Challenge. The Cartoon Art Trust. 1998.
Devious Devices. Croydon Clocktower, UK. 1998.
Selected Works from Alice. Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. 1998
Aria/I Leonardo. Maidstone County Gallery, Kent, UK. 1999.
Animal Farm Touring Exhibition. Kent County Council, UK. 1998-1999.
Royal Mail Millenium Stamps. London, 1999.
International Cartoon Exhibition. Istanbul, Turkey. 1999.
Making a Mark. William Havu Gallery. Denver, USA. 2000.
Chelsea Arts Club Corridor Exhibition, (promised show in Lift Shaft!) London. 2001.
James Gillray and the Art of Cartoon. Tate Britain, London. 2001.
Drawing Breath. Boston Art Institute. 2006.
Satirical London – 300 years of irreverent images, Museum of London, 2006.

Awards and Honours:
Francis Williams Book Illustration Award for Alice in Wonderland. 1973.
Designers and Art Directors Association Gold Award for outstanding contribution to Illustration. 1977.
Merit Award and Illustrator of the Year from American Institute of Graphic Arts. 1979.
W.H. Smith Award for the best book for five years for I Leonardo. 1987.
BBC Design Award for postage stamps. 1987.
Italian Critica in Erba Award for That’s My Dad. 1987.
Black Humour Award, France. 1986.
XIX Premio Satira Politica, Forte dei Marmi, Italy. 1991.
The Vlag em Wimpel Award from the Collective Promotion of the Dutch Book for the best illustrated children’s book, Quasimodo Mouse. 1992.
The KIAD (Kent Institute of Art and Design) Fellowship Award. 1993.
Honorary D. Litt. at University of Kent. 1995.

Theatre Design:
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Everyman. Liverpool. 1974
Dancing to Paint (on the art of Picasso). Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.1986
Gulliver’s Travels. Theatre Clwyd, Wales. 1996.
Tricycle Theatre (Foyer Installations). 1987
The Crucible. Royal Opera House, London. 1999.

The Hanging Garden Centres of Kent. (Writer, director and star). TVS. 1990.
Harry Enfield’s Guide to the Opera (opening credits). Channel 4. 1993.
Men Behaving Badly, USA (titles). 1996.
The Beast Bites Back (writer and presenter).
Leviathan (titles and film shorts). BBC2. 1998-99.

Oddbins, Sony.

Plague and the Moonflower, an eco-opera for the 90s. Exeter Festival, 1989.
Love Underground. Norwich Festival. 1998

Contributions to newspapers:
The Observer. The Guardian. The Telegraph. The Independent. New York Times. LA Times.

Contributions to magazines:
Punch. Private Eye. The Radio Times. Scanlans. Rolling Stone. Esquire. GQ. The New Yorker. L.A. Times. The New Statesman.

Plague and the Moonflower. Altus Records.
I Like It. Songbooks. EMI.

Many thanks to Dave for the following additions

LP and 45’s covers

Ambrosia – Road Island
Ambrosia – One Man Band
Beaver Harris – A Well Kept Secret
Beirut – Alexis Korner
Brian Auger and The Trinity – Streetnoise
Happy Jack – The Who
John Arlott Talks Cricket
Juvenile Deliquent – Alexis Korner
Peter O’Sullivan Talks Turf
Remember Russia – Fischer-Z
Robert Wyatt – The Last Nightingale
Sir Henry at Ndidi’s Kraal – Viv Stanshall
TV Smith’s Explorers – Tomahawk Cruise
Withnail And I Soundtrack

CD/Cassette Covers –

Force of Habit – Exodus
Crooked Line – Nils Lofgren
A Child Would Tell – Nils Lofgren
Closed On Account Of Rabies
Sir Henry at Ndidi’s Kraal – Viv Stanshall
Have I Offended Someone? – Frank Zappa


Who Is Eddie Linden? (cover only)
Writings on the Media (cover only)
The Big Red Squirrel
Fly Away Peter
Portrait Of English Racism (cover only)
Sons Of God (cover only)
My Queen and I (cover only)
Mr. Punch (cover only)
Blown Away – The Rolling Stones (cover only)
The Tale Of Driver Grope
A Hard Day At The Holy Office (cover only)
Bloody Margaret (cover only)
A Little Treasury Of Limericks
Ergo (cover only)
Journal Of A Village In Burgandy (cover only)
The Orlando Poems (cover only)
Great Britain or Little England (cover only)
The Devil In Texas (cover only)
Asleep At The Wheel (cover only)
Stabbed In The Front (cover only)
The Poor Mouth (two or three different versions)
The Terrible Saga Of Hunter S. Thompson (cover only)
Funny Money (cover only)
A Leg In The Wind
Bumper To Bumper Book For Children
Chiens (French version of Dogbodies)
DIEU! (French version of The Big I Am)
Garibaldi’s Biscuits
Moi, Leonardo De Vinci (French I Leonardo)
The Book Of Dogs
The Book Of Jones
Golk (cover only)
Touchez Pas Au Roquefort (French Inspector Mouse)
Wonderland Avenue (cover only)
In the Underworld (cover only)
The Great Shark Hunt (cover only)
Drawing Blood (cover only)
European Illustration 1979/80 (cover only)
Ouch ! Best Of New Statesman (cover only)
Premio Satira Politica (cover by Steadman)
The Exquisite Corpse Issue 1 (cover only)
Farewell To Arms Control (cover only)
The South African Connection : Western Investment in Apartheid (cover only)
Escape Attempts: The Theory and Practice of Resistance to Everyday Life
(cover only)

Magazine Covers

Mail Night & Day The Legend Of Hunter S Thompson Oct-96
New Musical Express The 1984 Consumer’s Guide Aug-80
New Scientist Expanding Human Knowledge Jan-79
New Statesman Reagan – Candidate Of The Lunatic Right Sep-80
New Statesman U.N. Feed The World May-82
New Statesman Newt Gringrich Jan-12
New York Times The 1992 Follies Nov-92
Private Eye Justice Aug-71
Punch Cube With Men On It Dec-64
Punch Don’t Blame Me – I Voted Conservative Mar-66
Punch Hand Pointing At Man Behind Brick Wall Mar-65
Punch Hunter S Thompson May-90
Punch Man Looking At Map Apr-64
Punch Man Up Ladder Oct-63
Punch Mr Punch with Dog Biting Legs Jan-64
Punch The Death Rattle Of The CIA Apr-97
Punch Two Men Laughing At Little Men Playing Cards Jan-70
Punch 150th Anniversary Issue

Radio Times Fast & Furious (Jubilee Cricket Test)Jun-77
Rolling Stone Back To Miami Sep-72
Rolling Stone Fear & Loathing in Elko Jan-92
Rolling Stone Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas Part 1 Nov-71
Rolling Stone Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas Part 1 Nov-71
Rolling Stone Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas The Conclusion Nov-71
Rolling Stone Fear & Loathing In Miami Beach Aug-72
Rolling Stone Nixon – Watergate Sep-73
Running The Honolulu Marathon Apr-81

Shortlist Johhny Depp in Fear & Loathing Nov-11
Smithsonian Alice Cover Dec-77
Stop Smiling Self Portrait 2006
Sunday Telegraph Sigmund Freud Sep-79
Sunday Times Culture Supplement – Animal Farm Launch Aug-95
Time Out Fear & Loathing In SW11 Feb-82
Time Out Spirit Of Gonzo Nov-78
Toronto Globe & Mail Weekend Magazine – The Seal Hunt Mar-78
Whisky Magazine Drawing And The Dram
xyZ Magazine Welcome To The Electronic Renaissance Mar-90
YOURflesh Quarterly Portrait of George Orwell May-97

Limited Edition Prints and Posters:
see: http://ralphsteadman.com

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