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For all the Rum Diary Back-Story episodes click here for Wayne’s Vodcast.

Being a fan of a writer has a drawback in the sense we can’t always get to see them in their own habitat compared to movie stars or sports stars. Some writers have never been seen, apart from the odd grainy photo or old film clip. Salinger for example or in more recent times Cormac McCarthy to name but two shunned their popularity.

I’m not saying Hunter Thompson was a recluse but if it wasn’t for Wayne Ewing we wouldn’t get to see half as much of him as we do today.

Wayne Ewing. Cinematographer, Director and Producer was a neighbor and friend of Hunter’s. He began documenting Thompson’s movements on film in the 80s up to his death in 2005. Thanks to Wayne fans of Hunter, new and seasoned can see him at work, at home and at play. What is most important for me is that seeing these films we can see a solid difference between Hunter and the dreaded alter ego Raoul Duke. We can remember him has he should be remembered, as a prolific writer not a movie character.

This site which began as a hobby 2 years ago has become a part time job. Due to the high volume of traffic (over 100’000 hits) I believe I have a responsibility now to make it the best resource for anything related to Hunter S. Thompson and what is happening in the world of Gonzo. So to keep up my end of the bargain this page is a must, just another part of making this site a one-stop-shop for everything Hunter S. Thompson.

The slideshow above are film stills from Animals, Whores & Dialogue supplied by Wayne Ewing. The pictures below are stills from Breakfast with Hunter supplied by Wayne Ewing. Many thanks to Wayne for sending and allowing me to use these great pictures here.

To buy any of Wayne’s four Hunter Thompson related films just click the image (screenshot from Wayne’s site) below to get to his site. More to come soon, including synopses of his films + reviews.

Other documentaries include Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood by the BBC, The Crazy Never Die, Buy the Ticket Take the Ride directed by Tom Thurman, Alex Gibney’s Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

Films include, Where the Buffalo Roam starring Bill Murray, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas starring Johnny Depp, and The upcoming Rum Diary again starring Johnny Depp.

Also a theater production called GONZO: A Brutal Chrysalis is one I’d love to see. For more information click the site http://www.gonzoduke.com/