Special Editions

Screwjack. (1991) Santa Barbara. Neville Publishing. Thompson’s first limited edition publication. 26 lettered & signed by Thompson, leather-bound without dust jacket.

Screwjack (1991) Santa Barbara. Neville Publishing. 300 numbered copies. Hardcover with red, cloth boards. No dust jacket as issued. Signed by Thompson. Also floating around are so-called ‘presentation’ or ‘out-of-series’ copies which are signed but not numbered. I have no idea how many.

Screwjack (1991) Santa Barbara. Neville Publishing. Unbound manuscript. Pamphlet type presentation with untrimmed edges. Three loose pieces inside a folded cover with Gonzo fist logo on cover. Possibly a publisher’s limited edition idea.

Mistah Leary He Dead. Published in 1997 by X-Ray Books. A Hand Sewn, hand printed chap-book. 300 numbered copies plus 26 lettered copies. First published in Rolling Stone magazine as a letter to the editor. It is in issue 740 August 8th 1996.

Where Were You When the Fun Stopped? London: Songbook Series/EMI 1999, a book / CD package with Thompson contributing “Reflections on Fuel, Madness & Music” and his handpicked selections are included on CD.

X-Ray Number 8 published by Johnny Brewton of the X-Ray Book Co in 2001. There was 126 published, 100 signed and numbered and 26 signed and lettered. This one has a few contributors including a broadside from Hunter S. Thompson.

Fear and Loathing Letters box set. Published in 2002 by Ed Smith and Old English Bindery. There were two sets published. The Black Edition is 1/50 numbered sets. Both volumes signed by Thompson. In a black leather slipcase wrapped in black chemises with the Gonzo logo on the edge. The Red Edition is 1/15 numbered sets in a red leather
slipcase in chemises. Again both volumes signed and (according to the publisher) “ Further enhanced” by Thompson

Fire in the Nuts. 2004 Published by Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman, Joe Petro III and Walt Bartholomew . A total of 176 copies were made. 26 lettered copies in a box with a Ralph Steadman print, and 150 numbered copies. All signed by Thompson and Steadman.

Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson. Published by Penguin Books in 2005 as Pocket book 33. A small thin book that was published to celebrate Penguin’s 70th anniversary. It contains excerpts from Kingdom Of Fear.

Gonzo. A book of photographs with an introduction by Johnny Depp. Published by Ammo Books in 2006. Firstly published in a large book, limited edition of 3000

(2005) Curse of Lono. London Taschen. Hardcover with dust jacket in large orange slipcase, all enclosed in brown cardboard box. Special edition of 1000 copies. Signed by Thompson and Steadman, full signatures. Excellent piece. Also with illustrations by Steadman that don’t appear in original edition.

Curse of Lono (2006) Special memorial edition. 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheets riveted together. Signed by Steadman on the night of the HST memorial. Also signed by Kurt Vonnegut. Also included is a signed print by Steadman along with a bunch of other souvenirs from that night. All enclosed in a clam-shell box. A mighty addition for a HST collector.

The Cozumel Diary (2014) RedCat Editions  (Amazon Description) Chronicles a week in the life of Hunter S. Thompson, as photographed by internationally acclaimed photographer Al Satterwhite. Featuring over 40 never-before-released images from that week, this “diary” recounts the misadventures of one particularly memorable assignment. The book includes a foreword by Craig Vetter, a 10,000 word essay by the photographer, and an afterword by Hunter S. Thompson biographer William Mckeen, plus the original Playboy Interview.