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HST is on target for half a million hits early in 2012. Along with this milestone I have a few plans for the site. Nearer the time I’ll let everyone know what’s coming. The great comments below can only help the site on it’s way. Many thanks to all involved for the great support I’ve received to-date.

“A big thanks to Marty at HST Books, one of my must-read websites.
In turning Keep This Quiet! into an e-book, I notice that I used this site as a reference for some hard-to-find information about Scanlan’s magazine. I didn’t know, at the time, that I would ever be so lucky as to meet the owner. I felt very relieved to stumble upon this impressive site. Later, when Marty was gracious enough to review Keep This Quiet!, I was thrilled. Delving into his site, on which you could spend days, I was struck by his sweeping pictorial sense and highly organized presentation of all subjects HST. Easy to navigate. He will have the answer if no one else has. This site is a jewel that helps document Hunter’s legacy and spread the Gonzo spirit. He’ll screen books for you, make the reviews snappy and insightful. And find inviting information and old newsprint and photos for every HST freak or book lover that you never knew were out there, pastpresentfuture.I’m sold.” Margaret Harrell: Author of Keep This Quiet, my Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky and Jan Mensaert. Buy it here.

“The Internet can be a pretty overwhelming place — where to begin, especially when you want to know if they’ve found something new, or if someone has written a new and insightful essay about your favorite author. If you like Hunter S. Thompson, should be your one-stop Gonzo Center. I check in at the site a couple of times a week and always find something new, something that didn’t get pushed my way by news alerts and the Gonzo Grapevine. Martin Flynn’s site is a great resource. As is Rory Feehan’s Totally Gonzo, another fine Gonzo resource. is one of the pleasures of the online life.” William McKeen, author of Outlaw Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson: A Critical Biography, Mile Marker Zero and others.

“For a first-rate connection to all things Hunter, is the prime site for background and news on the very lastest. There are too many contributors to touch on here, but they include: arresting new books, like Margaret Harrell’s “Keep this Quiet” and William McKeen’s “Mile Marker Zero;” to Wayne Ewing’s outstanding films (think “Breakfast with Hunter,” “Animals, Whores & Dialogue,” and his priceless blog; many new articles of value; even a university class on Hunter taught by Jon Berry; new links to check out; great photos and illustrations; plus an extensive archive of Hunter’s own work. A fine, flavorful writer in his own right whose commentary of earthy wit is crucial, Martin Flynn has created a resource that any aficionado of Hunter’s will be grateful for.” Simone Corday. –Simone Corday is the author of “9 ½ Years Behind the Green Door, A Memoir: A Mitchell Brothers Stripper Remembers Her Lover Artie Mitchell, Hunter S. Thompson, and The Killing That Rocked San Francisco.

“It almost didn’t happen. If Carey McWilliams hadn’t assigned him the Hell’s Angels story. If Warren Hinckle hadn’t teamed him with Ralph Steadman. If Richard Nixon hadn’t risen from the political dead. If Rolling Stone hadn’t scooped him up. But the planets aligned and gave us Hunter Thompson, one of the unique talents of the twentieth century. If you’re a fan, Hunter S. Thompson Books ( is for you. You’ll find everything you need: books by and about HST, articles, interviews, anecdotes, letters, video clips, posters, films–the whole works. HST was a huge personality and a cultural icon. But he was first and foremost a writer, and there’s no better place to explore his achievement–and stay connected with his sharpest readers–than right here.” Peter Richardson. Peter Richardson, author of A Bomb in Every Issue: How the Short, Unruly Life of Ramparts Magazine Changed America. Buy it here.

“All of us who knew Hunter are grateful for Martin Flynn’s fine work in keeping the legacy of this great writer alive. We really need Hunter today, but since he is on leave at the moment, we can read his books that he left us which remain as current and relevant as always. Thank you Martin for your important work. Just as we all thank Hunter for all he left us” David Amram. David’s site is here, for all you need to know about this musical virtuoso.

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