Playboy magazine. To be found on the top shelves of newsagents and news stands worldwide, where teenage boys would ogle the covers in the hope of developing x-ray vision. If they were lucky, some would find a copy under the mattress on their dads side of the bed. It would be stolen and returned several times a week.

Then Hunter S. Thompson came along and all men found a new use for Playboy. READING!

November 1973 issue. “On the scene” segment entitled Hunter S. Thompson Commando Journalist.

November 1974 issue. Hunter S. Thompson interview by Craig Vetter.

December 1974 issue. The Great Shark Hunt.

November 1976 issue. In this one there is a Jimmy Carter interview, and Mr Carter mentions Hunter a couple of times. Also there is a piece in the “On the Scene” segment called Checking in With Dr. Gonzo.

December 1983 issue. The Curse of Lono. A book excerpt.

January 2004 50th Anniversary issue. Fear and Justice in the Kingdom of Sex.

May 2005 issue. The cover says “Last words from Hunter S. Thompson. Post Cards form the Proud Highway.

Probably the best way to get your hands any of these would be eBay, it is by far the best place to find them. All of them have a decent amount of HST reading in them. They are a must for every HST collector.