For a while now there has been a question about what issue of Rolling Stone magazine did Hunter’s obituary of Timothy Leary appear in. The answer is that it appeared in issue 740, August 8th 1996. It appeared in the form of a letter to Jann Wenner , tucked away on page 14. You can see it in the scan below. It’s on the far left.. I could not get the full page in. Hope you can read it, I did my best quality wise.. Click on the image to enlarge it..


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  1. I never knew that. Tucked away on the letter page… Hunter must have been furious.

  2. True but considering the chap book is worth 350 – 500 bucks, he did well.

  3. That is a nice piece of detective work!! Great find.

  4. Thanks Ron, boredom can be productive..

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