I never had an opinion or any interest in Hugh Hefner. My only interest lay in Hunter’s connection to Playboy magazine. The fact that Playboy only became legal here in Ireland in 1995 probably didn’t help. But enough of that.

I’m not going to launch in to any obituary or tearful regret. My purpose on this site is to track, find, detail and connect all aspects of Hunter’s work. A post about Hunter and Playboy, given Hugh’s passing, is an apt segue.

Hunter’s first, main appearance in Playboy was in November 1973. It was in their “On The Scene” segment. The small piece was about Hunter called Hunter S. Thompson: Commando Journalist. See image below

Playboy 1973

The next time he appeared was in November 1974 where he was interviewed by Craig Vetter. With photographs by Al Satterwhite. Headline image below.


December 1974 there was The Great Shark Hunt. An article by Hunter written when he was contacted by editor David Butler. Butler asked Hunter to write a piece about a fishing competition in Cozumel, Mexico. Image below was the lead-in by illustrator Paul Lamantia.

playboy dec 74

November 1976. In this one there is a Jimmy Carter interview. Mr Carter mentions Hunter a couple of times. Also there is a piece in the “On the Scene” segment called Checking in With Dr. Gonzo, where a movie version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, with a screenplay by Larry McMurtry is discussed. Image below of first paragraph.


December 1983. There is a book excerpt from The Curse of Lono. Image below


Next was May 1988. Where Hunter talks about Ralph Steadman. The article is called Scar Strangled Banger to coincide with Ralph’s book of the same title. Article image below.

scar stranged

January 2004 50th Anniversary issue. Fear and Justice in the Kingdom of Sex. Where Hunter writes to Hugh Hefner. With great artwork by Ralph Steadman. See below.

2004 jan

Finally for now. The May 2005 issue. The cover says “Last words from Hunter S. Thompson. Post Cards form the Proud Highway. See image..

may 05

There are a few more where Hunter gets mentioned in different articles. For now the above are the main ones.



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  1. Hi, Marty,

    Loved your HST Books piece on Hunter and Heffner. However, what stands out also to me is the

    times Playboy rejected his work. If you look in Keep This Quiet!

    you’ll find that

    It was Playboy, you’ll recall, who rejected the first chapter of the H. A. book when it came to them in the form of an article—along with parts of other chapters. . . .

    along with their rejection of his J.-C. Killy piece. So that stands out to me because of

    his profuse comments about the Killy situation, which are quoted in the book.

    Since you are THE Recorder of things HST, I thought you might get a kick out of this

    tiny “mention.”

    I now have the book I want to send to you – and will let you know which are the numerous new passages

    because blocks are the same and you wouldn’t need to wade through those again. But the

    new ones, I’d love your reaction to.

    May get that into the mail now or in Belgium or after I return. Please, naturally, don’t mention

    that I’m gong to Belgium, because of all the thieves hanging around.

    Loved your piece and all the colorful images attached.

    Always love your articles.


    And many kind regards to your lovely girlfriend.



  2. Cool article Marty. Thanks!

  3. […] vale citar que não foi o único relacionamento de Hunter com a Playboy. O site HST Books compila os momentos em que o autor apareceu na revista. Ele fez artigos e reportagens, e até foi […]

  4. […] vale citar que não foi o único relacionamento de Hunter com a Playboy. O site HST Books compila os momentos em que o autor apareceu na revista. Ele fez artigos e reportagens, e até foi […]

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