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I’m not sure if I’m comfortable using the word review. Lets say I’m sharing my thoughts. So here are my thoughts on Margaret Harrell’s latest addition to her memoirs,  Keep This Quiet Too!: More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert (Volume 2 I won’t go on and on. Ya’ll know I’m a fan of Her work..

After reading Margaret’s first volume Keep This Quiet! My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert I felt somewhat satisfied. Naturally though, after reading something Margaret has written, one cannot help wanting seconds.

In this book Margaret goes an extra few steps to open her heart and lay bare. Having read the first volume the line was baited. Her words were jangling on the hook. I couldn’t help but bite and from the first few pages she reeled me in. Before long I’m immersed in her world. It looked to me like a world filled with constant risk. The risk being getting hurt, not physically but…. Hurt in love if you like.. Imagine laying one’s self prostrate before someone, not knowing how things will roll. Margaret did it then with her lovers. And she’s doing it now in the sense of opening her heart to her readers. I was somewhat taken-aback with her honesty..

My blurb for this book (which is on the back cover, and is an honor for me to have it there) pretty much sews it up.. She used titillation, and a masterful way of revealing herself to build engrossment, starting with Keep This Quiet! ANY thinking, living person will be locked in from the beginning. A knowledge of the three men is not a must. She oozes sexuality, sensuality and I believe these traits go towards interweaving the three men. I believe it to be spellbinding. A hot sweaty tango of words. The bottom line is this. Not many books fulfill my reading needs. By this I mean covering a range of emotion.

Without wanting to sound trite and saccharine all I can say is it’s a fantastic read. There’s more of HST in it. And that is reason alone for his fans to buy it.. Having said that.. This book is for everyone.. Thanks Margaret.

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