New York, Hunter spent some time there in the 50s and 60s. If you ever find yourself there and don’t want to do any of the usual tourist things, why not take a tour of the places where Hunter lived or stayed when his was there. Here’s a list of addresses where he stayed. Just click the addresses and it will take you to Google Maps.

110 Morningside Drive, Apt 53
where he shared with Jerry Hawke
Near Columbia University.

562 West 113th Street, Apt 5E5

57 Perry Street
basement apartment,
Greenwich Village.

c/o Dick Murphy, 69 E 4th St, East Village.

c/o Sandy Conklin, 107 Thompson Street
South of Houston St near Greenwich Village.

c/o Reynolds, 531 East 81st Street
Upper East Side.

c/o Cooke, 19 Downing St.

c/o McGarr, 245 W 104th St.

McSorley’s Irish bar, 15 East 7th Street, in the East Village.

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  1. That’s pretty cool.

    I followed Kerouac & Ginsberg in San Francisco, and a lot of those places were where Thompson hung out, like Toscas.

  2. Tosca is a nice place to chill out, if you are in there check out the old jukebox! Also make sure to go across the street to Vesuvio where Kerouac, Neal Cassady and the other Beats liked to drink. I’m sure Hunter had a few in there too.

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