August 12, 2015

Gonzo Goes Bronze

One of the great things about skulking around in the world of Hunter S.Thompson and collecting is the great people I get to meet, chat, and deal with. Brian Chambers of Furtherrr is one of these people. We were introduced by a fellow HST collector / twisted freak on the East Coast.

One of Brian’s creations, a weighty, bronze Gonzo sword was delivered to my home yesterday. It is number 57 of only 100 made. I was expecting it but didn’t think it would be so impressive. More details on it here.

Please be sure to go to Brian’s site here Where you can see images and details about their collaboration with Ralph Steadman in creating a bronze of Vintage Dr Gonzo. The whole process is fascinating and the end result is excellent.

Thanks Brian! Thanks Joe!

The worldwide community of Hunter S. Thompson and Gonzo folk are in the main a righteous bunch. Back in 2008 when I started this site, and my friend Rory over at Totally Gonzo started his, I don’t think either of us could have imagined what a journey was ahead. And what is STILL to come..

The mind boggles when I think of Hunter’s enduring style and personality. His writing still brings people together as friends, helpers of each other from all over this planet. It’s not about the “Greedheads” It’s about the spirit of reciprocity. We owe it to Hunter to maintain this attitude. Its about the books, the work, the message he wanted to share.

So, after that brief moment of lucidity, I’ll sign off.

More soon.

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