While doing some research I came across some letters to the “Correspondence, Love letters & Advice” page of Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue 158, April 11, 1974.  They were comments about Hunter’s Fear and Loathing at the Super Bowl in issue 155 (Feb 1974). There is even a response to one from The  Ed..  Enjoy. I’ll […]

I’m not sure if it is a little known fact or not but Don Johnson gives Hunter a lot of Credit with the creation of the TV show Nash Bridges. In an interview with Contact Music.com Johnson said –  “My neighbour and friend, God rest his soul, Hunter Thompson and I were sitting around talking about television. […]

I never had an opinion or any interest in Hugh Hefner. My only interest lay in Hunter’s connection to Playboy magazine. The fact that Playboy only became legal here in Ireland in 1995 probably didn’t help. But enough of that. I’m not going to launch in to any obituary or tearful regret. My purpose on […]

I have always found the life of any book interesting. It is fascinating to track and research the history of a book, from it’s release to it’s newest form. It didn’t occur to me for some time to research the process involved in getting one published. Hunter’s book Better Than Sex. Confessions of a Political […]

There hasn’t been much these days to motivate, or send me diving for a computer to put anything up here.  While a lot of research goes on in the background I have been lazy, to say the least, with sharing anything on the site. Until….  Yesterday I got word that this (see above image) would […]

Animals Whores

Most writers will be misquoted at some point during their years of work, or maybe worse still their words will be twisted and changed to suit someone too lazy to concoct an original thought.  Hunter Thompson was not immune to this pilferage. However random some of Hunter’s words may seem on the page, the journey from conception […]

Open Letter

Hunter wrote this essay in 1955 for The Athenaeum Literary Association’s bound yearbook, it won third prize in The Nettleroth contest. Great writing for an 18 year old, and makes for a funny read too. Young people of America, awake from your slumber of indolence and hark-en the call of the future! Do you realise […]