April 19, 2017

A Humble Thanks

There hasn’t been much these days to motivate, or send me diving for a computer to put anything up here.  While a lot of research goes on in the background I have been lazy, to say the least, with sharing anything on the site.

Until…. 18033994_1515751405123955_4018178239040940670_n

Yesterday I got word that this (see above image) would soon be winging it’s way to my little corner of Ireland. Huge thanks to Ralph Steadman Joe @thejacka_lope and Brian @thelaunchpad for making this happen.

That is all..

Feeling honored and re-motivated.


P.S Hope yer happy, John, aka savagehenry 101 


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  1. It’s a start Marty. A good one at that. You and Cathy are both deserving of such recognition from
    Ralph. Envious? Who me? Well actually I am. All I can beat my chest about is a signed copy
    of a book by Afferbeck Auder. Who?
    I remain,

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