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Hunter’s birthday is nearly upon us. Blogs of all kinds will be popping up on my Google alert emails, all with different and interesting takes on Hunter S. Thompson. Fans of HST will come out of the woodwork for this day, blogs will be hot with comments and memories of Hunter. Glasses will be raised worldwide and stories will be shared with sadness and joy.

For me (and probably most of us) this birthday will be one to look forward to with the imminent release of Wayne Ewing’s eminent Animals, Whores & Dialogue.

I was lucky enough to get a preview of this great piece, and also was offered the huge honor of having a blurb of mine included on the back cover of the DVD.

For me its hard not to enjoy anything HST related, but this offering is special. We see Hunter holding court at his mission control / kitchen. He’s surrounded by friends, real friends, not the hangers on. A nice result of this is that we see him relaxed and genuinely happy with his lot.

For the most part the focus is on Hunter in his home but also we see more gems such as the tribute to him in Louisville Kentucky, which include readings from old friends. Hunter running around with a fire extinguisher, and one memorable piece from the great David Amram where he recites a ditty of sorts followed by a feat of ambidexterity in the form of playing 3 types of flute simultaneously.

I dont want to ramble on about this fine movie for fear of not doing it justice. Suffice it to say Animals, Whores & Dialogue and the first installment Breakfast with Hunter simply beat the pants off any HST related documentary made to-date.  A bit of  a sweeping statement I know but when you watch it you’ll understand.

So to pick it up click here or the picture of the cover above. When you have watched it and feel like reviewing it, I’ll be happy to post all the reviews here on this site. You can send your reviews to me through the contact page here.  And dont forget folks. You can buy all 4 of Wayne’s movies and save some cash in the process. The four are Animals, Whores & Dialogue, Breakfast with Hunter, Free Lisl, and When I die. Hours of great Hunter Thompson footage.

Also dont forget to hit Wayne’s Vodcast Its full of HST stories and video clips, the latest of which is “Hunter’s birthday.”

Dont forget folks, send your reviews to be published on this site.


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  2. That David Amram flute thing was incredible! Looks like it was a good night all round.

    And yes, what a fantastic film. Can’t wait to get my DVD copy. It’s a keeper.

  3. Seems I’ve found the right place for all things HST. I’ve only just discovered his works, and now I’m working through them one by one. Can’t wait to see this.

  4. You’ve found the right place. HSTbooks is the best resource of its kind.

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