Scanlan’s Magazine (Named after a pig farmer) was a short-lived monthly magazine which ran from March 1970 to January 1971. It was started by Warren Hinckle and Sidney Zion, and whether intended or not it became a “political muckraking exercise” And by 1971 it was boycotted by publishing technicians as “Un-American” and also investigated by the FBI and the IRS on Nixon’s orders which ultimately let to it’s demise after only 8 issues.

Amongst other things that appeared in Scanlans, there was a guide to smuggling pot from Mexico, a take on guerrilla warfare in the U.S and investigated rat droppings found in the kitchens of some of New York’s finest eateries.

Circulation hit 150’000 by the magazines demise so there cant be many issues left out there. I have all 8 issues in near perfect, full condition. They cost me $250 for the lot.

Hunter S. Thompson’s connections to this magazine were as follows-

Volume 1 issue 1. The Temptations of Jean Claude Killy. March 1970 Pages 89-100.

Volume 1 issue 4. The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved. June 1970 Pages 1-12.

Volume 1 issue 7.Police Chief the Indispensable Magazine of Law Enforcement. September 1970 Pages 63-66. This article is about the periodical “The Police Chief” and Thompson’s love of weapons. He signs off with the name Raoul Duke (Master of Weaponry) Where all of Thompson Fans know about his writings in Scanlan’s some have missed this one.

Volume 1 issue 8.The Aspen Wallposter Advertisement. January 1971 Page 96.

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  1. will you please scan some or all of those? I would love to have a look.

  2. Thats a nice add to a collection. Both for the HST aspect as well as the Scanlan’s itself. Thanks for sharing.

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